What You MUST Know When Selecting Home Care and a Caregiver

Are you or your loved ones in need of help at home? Are you looking for a caregiver, a personal care assistant? Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice for home care that is perfect for you!

What Is Important For You To Know When Selecting Home Care and Caregiver!

How to select a Home Care Provider and A Caregiver?
As a result of the Illinois Home Health Services Licensing Act in the State of Illinois all home care agencies must be licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health to ensure safety and security of clients they serve.
Trying to secure the right care and caregiver for yourself or your loved one can be a complex and overwhelming process. We make it easy, clear, fast and affordable for you to ensure dependable high quality care that you will absolutely love. As a service to you, we provide this selection checklist of the most important yet not obvious items to help you navigate the process and make an informed well educated decision that will prevent potentially dangerous consequences and costly mistakes while ensuring that your care is safe, secure and right for you.
What you NEED to know because your or your loved ones wellbeing and safety depend on it!

30 Questions You or Your Family MUST ASK!

  1. Is the Home Care Company licensed by State of Illinois Department of Public Health, bonded and insured including significant liability insurance limits in access of $3 million and workers’ compensation insurance?
  2. Is it professional, responsive and informative with deep comprehensive home care expertise and experienced highly trained staff?
  3. Does the Home Care Company employ only legal workers and are the caregivers they provide employees of the Company (paid on form W2), and not as independent contractors (paid on Form 1099, or worse yet cash illegally), to eliminate all employee related liabilities, payroll, workers compensation insurance, withholdings, social security and tax payments and reporting and legal implications for its clients? If agency employs its workers as 1099 independent contractors, or is just a licensed placement agency and the client acts as the employer, or if the client finds and employs the caregiver directly, the amount of liability both financial, legal and potentially even criminal, as well as sacrifice in personal safety and security far exceeds small cost savings. We recommend anyone looking for home care caregivers does not utilize unlicensed agencies, licensed agencies which illegally utilize independent contractors, or placement agencies, or employ caregivers directly, it’s just not worth the tremendous risk for safety and abuse and enormous associated liabilities.
  4. Does the Home Care service provide you with a selection of highly qualified, in-depth screened and verified, caregivers to include only those caregivers who also fit your personal preferences and the type of personality you would like in your caregiver, and then allow you to choose the caregiver who is ideally and uniquely right for you, and continues to identify such caregiver candidates for you until you are completely satisfied with your choice of your personal caregiver?
  5. Does Home Care provider provide back-up caregivers in case of an emergency and have available replacement caregivers immediately available in case of temporary need or if scheduled caregiver cannot make it to work?
  6. Does the Home Care firm have licensed Social Worker and a licensed Registered Nurse on staff to counsel the client and their family and train the client selected caregiver on exact client specific requirements and preferences including health-related conditions, emergency management, and family dynamics and communication requirements?
  7. Does the home care service provide specialized disease-specific programs for client’s health related condition to improve client’s health and long-term health related outcomes?
  8. Is there a formal home care provider managed onboarding and care initiation process for caregiver in the client’s home?
  9. Does the Home Care provider have the expertise and a supervising nurse to best manage and clinically improve outcomes of various medical conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s , cancer, heart disease and all other conditions?
  10. How long has the company been in business and what is its ownership structure? Long-standing, privately owned and locally operated care providers deliver higher quality client-focused care as opposed to large corporations and franchise operators where expertise and consistency of care and client experience are often lacking and care is compromised.
  11. Who supervises the care and are they credentialed? Are registered nurses, social workers and client-dedicated Client Care Managers and Supervisors part of each client’s care assessment, monitoring and supervision team?
  12. How are service employed caregivers assessed, credentialed, verified and trained and how is the care they provide to client on ongoing basis monitored, assessed and evaluated for quality and client satisfaction? Does the service personalize selection of a caregiver not only based on their qualification to provide needed care but also on personal preferences of the client including personality matching? And does the service provide a selection of such uniquely chosen caregivers for client to interview to select the one that they like best without any associated charges?
  13. How are potential caregivers screened and verified? Does such in-depth caregiver verification process include all of the following: detailed application, multiple interviews, in-depth reference validation, work history confirmation, Health Care Worker Registry, US Work Authorization, Criminal Background / Fingerprinting, Credit Check, Drug Testing, Driver’s Record (DMV), Personality Assessment, Tuberculosis Testing, and Health Screening as well as extensive onboarding, orientation and training, including client-specific case training?
  14. Does the Company provide replacement of the existing caregiver with other capable and client chosen caregivers at any time for any reason including should the client simply want to replace the current caregiver or such caregiver is no longer available, all with no charge to the client? When you are in need of temporary or permanent caregiver replacement is it provided to you at no additional charge at all times?
  15. Does the client, and if needed their family or other client advocates, have real-time access to care activity reporting, including verification of caregiver arrivals and departures and care delivered. Is 24/7 always-available direct telephone support to respond to questions and needs provided? Is there ongoing documentation and timely reporting of care by caregivers and care coordinator provided to clients, and if requested their families?
  16. Does the company perform regular quality assurance visits at the minimum every 30 days, ongoing extensive caregiver evaluations and client satisfaction reviews? Are there client visits by Supervisors at the minimum every 30 days to ensure ongoing quality of care that meets all of client’s needs and preferences?
  17. Is there independent third party quality and safety assessment system in place to ensure the client is well-cared for at all times? Does the Company offer a satisfaction guarantee without any long-term contracts or commitments?
  18. Who prepares the initial client consultation, assessment and plan of care? Are they experienced specialists with direct involvement of a licensed nurse and social worker?
  19. Is there a formal contract and agreement specifying the responsibilities of the care service provider and caregiver, client’s rights, code of ethics, confidentiality agreement, HIPPA and privacy agreement, detailed care plan, and responsive process to address any client concerns or grievances on timely basis to ensure client’s complete satisfaction and ongoing delight with their customer experience?
  20. Is the home care service provider a recognized leader in the personal home care industry? What Awards Has the Service Earned? Recognized by Home Care Pulse, Best of Home Care, and Home Care Provider and Employer of Choice?
  21. Are the rates you are being charged not only competitive but lower than other providers ensuring superior value to you? If needed does the provider accept, submit and process the payments for all Long-term Care (LTC) Insurance, Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and Community Care Program (CCP) on your behalf eliminating the filing and benefits collection burden?
  22. Are provided caregivers extensively bonded and insured for any theft or damages they may cause while delivering care to the client?
  23. Does the service provider have an ongoing active client safety, security and protection process to include not only caregiver but also home environment? Can the care service provider also provide emergency monitoring systems, medication solutions and other safety technologies should they become needed or are requested by the client?
  24. Does the care provider service organization have a formal physical business office, quality care control systems and extensive administrative and management team for client to address all their needs and requests?
  25. Is there continuing education and training for the caregiver and ongoing quality care assurance process to ensure that timely adjustments to care are being made as requested by client or as client’s need change requiring changes in care or caregiver?
  26. Are there specialists in Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions on staff at the organization to appropriately assess the client, design a specialized plan of care and train the selected caregivers on client specific needs, preferences and requirements?
  27. Does the care service provider offer home safety assessment plan and an option to implement it through its vendor partners including installing any desired home safety equipment and physical property alterations?
  28. Does the home care provider have professional case managers and elder care specialists on staff to ensure comprehensive personalized care management ensuring there are no potentially dangerous gaps in care being provided?
  29. Does the home care provider have a formal caregiver communication plan in place to ensure that there’s timely client status and needs monitoring and reporting taking place at all times?
  30. Is there a formal client-specific emergency reporting process developed and maintained by the home care services provider to be executed by a well- trained caregiver to quickly react to any emergency situations that may arise?

The answer to ALL 30 of these vital questions is a resounding YES for Choice Home Caregiver!