Choice Home Caregivers is a unique homecare service because we focus on your care and your caregiver as being a very personal and extremely important choice – your safety, wellbeing, health and personal and financial security depend on it!

How are we very different from all other home care providers? Our unique approach, value and capabilities are summarized by our 5 Pillars of Best Homecare!

  1. Good enough care is not good enough for us, we make sure your care is perfect because it is exactly according to your personal Choice of care and caregiver!

We don’t just give you what you need, but also what you want and prefer, with us your Choice matters the most. We know that your care and your caregiver are highly personal to you and your family that is why we provide our clients a right choice of caregiver and customized care and service that will ensure client’s complete satisfaction at all times. We work with our clients to help them choose the best care and caregiver that they not only need, but also want and prefer. Our comprehensive highly customized selection of care, caregiver and services is proven to ensure ease of use, convenience, safety, affordability and complete client satisfaction at all times, ensuring a delightful customer experience and superior outcomes. Our goal is your life at home with your caregiver being a pleasure!

  1. Your care and your caregiver are a personal choice, we make sure your caregiver fits your requested personality type and other personal attributes.

We help you select among our highly verified and qualified caregivers not only based on their ability to do your job and deliver the care that you need, but also based on their personality and other personal attributes, making for a perfect personal fit and the best possible choice for you – a caregiver who will not only do the job but whom you will also like and enjoy! Choice Home Caregivers are uniquely positioned to accomplish this by offering not only comprehensive selection of services and extensive expertise, but also by providing our clients with a large number of readily-available, pre-screened and verified expert caregivers, along with advanced easy to use selection tools and personalized comprehensive process to allow them to select a caregiver that is not only highly qualified to deliver the care that is needed, but also has the personal traits that the client wants in their caregiver. It’s not enough for you to receive the care you need, you must also enjoy receiving it from a caregiver whom you personally like and appreciate.

  1. We will work with you and listen to you in order to prepare and implement a plan of care that is uniquely right for you with a caregiver you love!

Your care will be customized to your needs and preferences instead of just being ordered by hours or predetermined blocks of service, this will ensure the most value for your care dollars and the best care experience for you! We will make sure that your homecare experience is not a burden to settle for because you need it, but a joy which will enhance your life and your lifestyle. Our personally assigned Manager of Client Service, a highly experienced homecare expert, will perform a customized assessment depending on client’s specific situation in full collaboration with the client and, as needed their family and other professionals, to prepare a care plan and assure the delivery of dependable, personalized care and companionship, including caregiver, service and support that are fully integrated with client’s needs, preferences, family, healthcare requirements and wellbeing.

  1. Not only will your care and caregiver be perfect for you, but they will also deliver advanced expertise in maintaining your specific health condition improving your overall healthcare outcomes.

Your care is best when it is also personalized based on your heath care needs and integrated to improve your overall healthcare, we are uniquely positioned with experienced experts on staff, specialized custom designed care programs, and caregivers who are specifically trained on your unique condition to ensure that your health outcomes are improved! As requested, we also work in collaboration with your other healthcare providers and facilities to ensure that integrated health care approach produces the best health results for you! Our Social Worker and Director of Integrated Healthcare Services, a highly trained and experienced nurse, evaluate each client’s personal requirements and health condition and then train and instruct the client’s chosen caregiver on how to best care for that specific client, their health and their wellbeing. We also offer specialized disease-focused care programs and expertly trained caregivers for clients experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, ALS, MS, CHF, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s and many other medical conditions. As required, we work in full collaboration and close communication with client’s family, healthcare providers, skilled nursing and other healthcare facilities, as well as client’s all other professional services providers. We strive to improve all outcomes and results for our clients.

  1. Not only do we help you be joyful in your living at home and engaged in your relationships, while doing your best to maintain your health, we will also help you stay safe and secure at all times.

Your safety and security are paramount to your wellbeing that is why our caregivers are specifically trained on how to keep you safe as well as protect you against possible fraud and other crimes. Only Choice homecare caregivers are uniquely trained to focus on client’s safety, security and fraud prevention. Our caregivers not only care for and maintain wellbeing and health of our clients, keep them safe at home, but also protect them from unscrupulous manipulators and abusers.