Our assigned Client Care Manager will be the designated dedicated point of contact for the client backed up by always on-call additional staff to provide 24/7/365 direct communication at all time for all client services with no answering service delays. Your expert Client Care Manager will conduct a comprehensive in home assessment to help you meet all your needs and preferences, as well as your budget, and help you with caregiver selection and payment options, perform client caregiver onboarding and training, and will provide ongoing service monitoring and management, and caregiver supervision.

Our Director of Healthcare Services, a highly trained and experienced nurse who is an expert in at-home care health management, will develop health management program that is customized for your needs and will specifically train and instruct your Personal Client Care manager and Caregiver to deliver the specially designed care and monitor your condition.

Our Director of Client Services, a Licensed Social Worker, will assist and counsel the client and their family about client’s home care and elder care if needed, and if required will assess individual interpersonal and family dynamics to suggest the way care and its content may be optimally structured, presented and delivered to enhance client’s life and their relationships.