Our mission is to provide our clients’ with the enjoyment of living happily at home.

In 2005 we established Choice Home Caregivers in response for an increasing need for a high quality private duty personal home care expert service provider, one that would go the extra mile to relieve clients and their families of the stress and anxiety frequently associated with supervision and coordination of necessary daily living activities. Our goal is to exceed the golden rule of caring for our clients the way we would for our own family by delivering the platinum standard of care of caring for the clients the way they and their family would want to care for them. This is a very important distinction that separates Choice Home Caregivers from absolutely all other home care providers and caregivers, we don’t just care for you or your loved ones the way we think is right but we personalize, customize and individualize our care to be right uniquely for each specific client based on all their needs, wants and preferences. Our motto is “Your Care, Your Way” all the way to providing you with caregivers that have the right personal attributes including a unique personality fit that will make you not just satisfied but genuinely happy to be spending time with them and receiving your care each and every day. At Choice Home Caregivers, we are committed to understanding, solving and fulfilling your optimal choice of care.

As Your Choice home caregivers, we are committed to the concept of not just aging in place but also living in place, and we have developed home care, clinical and personalization expertise for even the most complex home care situations and personal dynamics. We support not only our client’s health, strength, safety, wellbeing, self-esteem and autonomy but also their joy and happiness!

We strive for excellence and innovation in client care and employ a professional team with advanced training and extensive experience to guarantee highest quality service that is efficient, effective and delivers best value to each and every client. Our unique care personalization process and proprietary caregiver personality matching ensure best fit and optimal outcomes for each individual client. Our mission is to ensure that you and your loved ones have the opportunity to continue enjoying life and relationships as much as possible comforted by the knowledge that your care at home is safe, most beneficial and compassionate ensuring superior results and outcomes for you and your loved ones.